A fun idea I came up with! A lot of people set their mayor’s TPC comment as their tumblr url. I want my mayor to be able to say something cute instead but I still want people to know where to find me, so tah-dah! My solution!

Here’s a template for a tumblr logo pattern. Use your url as the name for the pattern, put it up on a custom-design sign, and when a dreamer or visitor checks the sign that’s what they’ll see. The colors used on this pattern are sky 6, sky 7, grey 1 and grey 4, but of course customizing it to suit your town is way more fun! c:

I hope this catches on, it would be a great way to connect with each other<3



leave it to petal to come up with another genius qr, this is a really cute idea


A request from aaron724wiley for Josuke’s sailor top from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. The colour used on the collar and stuff was to match the sailor hat in the game. I’m sorry it took so long! >.< It was a bit difficult. Anyhoo- I hope you likey!


On a side note- If you have sent me a request and I’ve replied asking for a couple pictures of what you wanted me to do, I haven’t given up! If you still want me to do it then I’ll be happy to :) Sometimes I reply to a message and I can’t remember who i replied to >.< So if I have appeared to have forgotten about your request, please send me a nother message!~

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Animal Crossing QR Codes!


With Animal Crossing just around the corner, I decided to compile a giant list of all these great QR codes that I’ve seen around so it can be easy to access o:

The tag where I found most of these codes on Pixiv is QRコード. Just paste that in the search bar at the top and you’ll find tons of codes! These are just ones that I thought were really neat and that other people would like to see. :]

Some nice Animal Crossing QR code blogs to follow:

Astra Crossing

QR Cute!


Pokemon Characters! (Every Gen)

Harry Potter Outfits (Different Houses, etc)

Dresses (one fancy suit also)

Attack on Titan jackets  [alternate version]

Random Characters (Yuri from Tales, Chiaki from Dangan Ronpa, etc)

More Random Outfits

Madoka Magica Character Outfits! (And a Charlotte hat)

Midna / Fi Outfits (Legend of Zelda)

Skullkid (Legend of Zelda)

Wind Waker Blue PJ Outfit and Link Outfit

Lolita-esque dresses

Bloody Shirt

BBC Sherlock

Tales Of Abyss Outfits

Sailor Moon

Metal Gear Solid Combat Vest

Miku Hatsune / Rin/Len

Disney Outfits!

Rhyme from TWEWY

Sora, Organization XIII Cloak, Roxas, Cloud/Squall, Madoka, and many more!

SS Military/Nazi Uniform

Final Fantasy: Summoner Yuna (alternate version), X-2 Rikku, FFVII SEED Clothes, Tactics White Mage, Cloud, Squall, Rinoa, Type-0 Uniforms, More Type-0 (Including Kurasame!),

Other Dangan Ronpa: ALL SDR2 including Kirigiri, Chihiro and Junko, Ishimaru, Chihiro, Junko (with picture), Maizono (no.6), Cute Monobear and Monomi inspired hoodies, Peko/Ibuki/Koizumi

Other misc. outfits: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

Floor tiles/wallpapers:

Last image has outdoor tiles

Cute pastel wallpapers

Flower Tiles

Fancy Wallpaper

Grass/Garden Tile

More outdoor brick tiles

Even more outdoor brick tiles

Beautiful Floral wallpaper and tiles

Stone Tiles

Beach Inspired Wallpaper

Water Tiles!

More Water/Bridge Tiles

More Fancy Wallpaper

Various Tiles

Amazing Outdoor Water/Stone Tiles

Polkadot Wallpaper / Umbrella Pattern

Vertical Wallpaper

Colorful Tiles and Wallpaper

Chocolate Tiles (And random outfits)


Coffee/Cafe Shop Signs

Eeveelution Pictures

Monobear Picture

Madoka Magica Charlotte Stand-up Picture

Madoka Magica Character Pictures

Stained Glass Triforce

FF Type-0 Emblem Picture

British Flag Picture (no. 8)

Kirby Hat

Portal Pictures

Shirokuma Coffee Sign




So I found some time to make another tutorial! This time on frills and lace. Add that extra bit of flair to your outfits :) enjoy!


i made a super super simple gakuran because i couldnt find one that matched the litchi hikari club uniform So here u go bye


i made a super super simple gakuran because i couldnt find one that matched the litchi hikari club uniform So here u go bye


I made a cute ribcage sweater! I’m getting into the halloween spirit!