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Animal Crossing QR Codes!


With Animal Crossing just around the corner, I decided to compile a giant list of all these great QR codes that I’ve seen around so it can be easy to access o:

The tag where I found most of these codes on Pixiv is QRコード. Just paste that in the search bar at the top and you’ll find tons of codes! These are just ones that I thought were really neat and that other people would like to see. :]

Some nice Animal Crossing QR code blogs to follow:

Astra Crossing

QR Cute!


Pokemon Characters! (Every Gen)

Harry Potter Outfits (Different Houses, etc)

Dresses (one fancy suit also)

Attack on Titan jackets  [alternate version]

Random Characters (Yuri from Tales, Chiaki from Dangan Ronpa, etc)

More Random Outfits

Madoka Magica Character Outfits! (And a Charlotte hat)

Midna / Fi Outfits (Legend of Zelda)

Skullkid (Legend of Zelda)

Wind Waker Blue PJ Outfit and Link Outfit

Lolita-esque dresses

Bloody Shirt

BBC Sherlock

Tales Of Abyss Outfits

Sailor Moon

Metal Gear Solid Combat Vest

Miku Hatsune / Rin/Len

Disney Outfits!

Rhyme from TWEWY

Sora, Organization XIII Cloak, Roxas, Cloud/Squall, Madoka, and many more!

SS Military/Nazi Uniform

Final Fantasy: Summoner Yuna (alternate version), X-2 Rikku, FFVII SEED Clothes, Tactics White Mage, Cloud, Squall, Rinoa, Type-0 Uniforms, More Type-0 (Including Kurasame!),

Other Dangan Ronpa: ALL SDR2 including Kirigiri, Chihiro and Junko, Ishimaru, Chihiro, Junko (with picture), Maizono (no.6), Cute Monobear and Monomi inspired hoodies, Peko/Ibuki/Koizumi

Other misc. outfits: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

Floor tiles/wallpapers:

Last image has outdoor tiles

Cute pastel wallpapers

Flower Tiles

Fancy Wallpaper

Grass/Garden Tile

More outdoor brick tiles

Even more outdoor brick tiles

Beautiful Floral wallpaper and tiles

Stone Tiles

Beach Inspired Wallpaper

Water Tiles!

More Water/Bridge Tiles

More Fancy Wallpaper

Various Tiles

Amazing Outdoor Water/Stone Tiles

Polkadot Wallpaper / Umbrella Pattern

Vertical Wallpaper

Colorful Tiles and Wallpaper

Chocolate Tiles (And random outfits)


Coffee/Cafe Shop Signs

Eeveelution Pictures

Monobear Picture

Madoka Magica Charlotte Stand-up Picture

Madoka Magica Character Pictures

Stained Glass Triforce

FF Type-0 Emblem Picture

British Flag Picture (no. 8)

Kirby Hat

Portal Pictures

Shirokuma Coffee Sign




So I found some time to make another tutorial! This time on frills and lace. Add that extra bit of flair to your outfits :) enjoy!


i made a super super simple gakuran because i couldnt find one that matched the litchi hikari club uniform So here u go bye


i made a super super simple gakuran because i couldnt find one that matched the litchi hikari club uniform So here u go bye


I made a cute ribcage sweater! I’m getting into the halloween spirit!


ahahaha. I made a titan shirt.

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